Junction City

Junction City specialises in end-to-end outsourced IT services for small and medium sized businesses across Australia. This includes enabling your business to meet the demands in the current environment that necessitates connecting your business to remote staff and customers. Let our team of IT experts service your business in the following areas:


Junction City offer constant monitoring, maintenance and remote support via one of our Agreements. For ad hoc support of your systems, we can connect via our Remote Support Application. Please click below, download and run the application.


Junction City offers IT support via one of our agreements. Our agreements deliver Monitoring, Maintenance and Helpdesk. These activities deliver stability and rapid response in the event that an issue does occur.


Rather than having to order computer hardware and supplies from another third party, you can order directly through Junction City, allowing the equipment to be set up before it reaches your business.

Our Services

Office 365

Professional-grade tools available from the cloud.


Protect your data in the event of an emergency.


Protect your business from those that wish to do harm.


Get your business online and keep it there.


Send and receive telephone calls from anywhere.


Keep your employees online and connected.

Our Partners

Junction City/MTI understand where we are at and what our needs are. They keep us informed of risks and the challenges that the modern world presents, allowing us to make informed decisions about the direction of our IT infrastructure.

— Peter Hobson, CEO

In our relocation to a new factory Junction City/MTI were pivotal in helping to design, supply and implement the required IT services and infrastructure.

— Cameron Sangster, Manager