Junction City is about making a positive difference to you and your business. We strategically align our services to meet your needs. Examples of the services we offer include:

  • Fixed price serviced IT support plans 
  • Supply of all types of IT equipment
  • Server and PC Maintenance and Support
  • Disaster Recovery Planning
  • Backup Strategies
  • Internet and Networking
  • Virus removal and prevention 
  • Telephony Solutions (VoIP and other)

We understand that your computer systems are an essential part of your business and aim to ensure you get value out of your computer investment, this aim extends to your servers, computers, laptops, web sites and more.

We consider our clients as partners and know that your success directly impacts ours.

We look forward to providing you further assistance.

Our Story

Junction City commenced in 1995 as an electronics repair company and as technology became more and more ubiquitous, Junction City pivoted into IT support and supply. In 2019, Junction City acquired MTI, merging together to align services and provide better support to all clients of both companies.

Since the beginning, the journey of Junction City has been one of pursuing business from a values base. Our core values are those of morals, mentoring, mission, truth and integrity, and we hold strongly to these values.

Junction City delivers service to approximately 300 clients including internet, networking, security, hardware, email and tech support. In each of these services we take pride in believing in the products and delivering them with our core values. What these values mean in practise are:

Morals: We strive to conduct our business with a high moral standard. We price our products appropriately, do what we say and license products accurately according to the license agreement.

Mentoring: We enjoy helping our clients to learn and grow in their IT knowledge and are happy to see others develop their skills.

Mission: We deeply believe that there is a higher calling in life, and we seek to work towards this in our business life.  We also aim to help others achieve their mission.

Truth: What we say is true. When mistakes happen, we are up front with them and there is no spin on it. This is very obvious in our sales process with the products we sell being proven and appropriate for our client’s business.

Integrity: This value sums up the other values. We live by what we believe, and business is one facet of that.